Squad (Initially called HabariPay) is a payment gateway that allows business owners, freelancers, cooperate organizations to accept payments from customers or clients through a  payment processor provider. It's optimized for both Web and Mobile.

  • Research
  • UX/UI Design
  • Strategy
  • Interaction Design
  • Usability Tests
  • A/B Tests
  • My Role /  Lead Product Designer
  • Platform / Reponsive Web
  • Industry /  e-Payments
  • Duration /  5 months
  • Client /  Guaranty Trust Bank
Project Overview

Squad is a product by one of Africa's biggest banks, Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank). Squad's mission is to make it easy to transact and pay digitally anywhere, anytime across Africa, and also to empower Africans to take on the world by giving them payment solutions to access new markets, build relationships, and thrive.

I was tasked to lead the research & design team. I worked with the Product Owners, Engineers, Data Scientists, and other colleagues, working in a cross-functional and distributed team. This was also an agile-driven project.

Target Users

Individuals, Business Owners, Freelancers, Kiosk traders, and anyone looking to make or accept payment.

What problems are we trying to solve here?
The Team

I worked as a Lead Product Designer, working with Software Engineers, Product Owners, Data Analysts, and more. I'm the guy in a white Long-sleeve T-shirt:)

UX Challenges & Constraints

The scope of this project covers UX Research, Visual Design, and Prototyping. I was faced with a few constraints while working on this project which includes the following;

Key Metrics

After a number of usability tests, iterations, and useful feedbacks we eventually arrived at a satisfactory product. Our KPIs achieved are as follows


The first version of our solution is currently undergoing various tests but will be released to the public soon.

For a more in-depth look at my process, continue scrolling to see the full case study.

View Website Staging LinkView MVP App Staging Link
Key Features

Here is a glimpse at some of the key features of the app

Payment Gateway

Accept Payments in Naira or Dollar with ease. Fast & Reliable

Payment Links

Send payment links to your customers. Easy setup

Track Transactions

Track how your customers are making payments.

Research and planning

It was important to understand the context for existence and the foundation for the final product. I and the stakeholders brainstormed around the product at the highest level.

We did different workshops with the team to define our target group and value propositions.

In compliance with the non-disclosure agreement i signed. I have omitted sensitive date and obfuscated figures.
Research Data at a Glance

We had most of our research, brainstorm, and analysis on Miro. As well as User personas drafting.

Indepth User Interviews

I also had an interview with some of our users to provide qualitative data about our target audience, such as their needs, motivations, wants fear, and behavior. This would also help us understand what the app was lacking.

Here's a preview of the research guide to some of the interviews we had with our users.

Research Findings
Key Research Insights
Competitive Analysis

I  conducted a comprehensive analysis of competitor products. This analysis helped the team understand industry standards and identify opportunities for the product in a given market segment.

Empathy Map
User Personas

After I was able to identify key user groups, we created representative characters to help us understand users' goals in specific contexts.

User Flows
Usability Sessions & Testing

Now, it's time to put to use all our research data and ideas generated in the previous phase into tangible artifacts that can be tested later with real users.

Mid-fi Wireframes

It was time to digitize my sketches. I created the mid-fi prototype using Figma.

Hi-fi Designs

After I was done with the sketches and mid-fi wireframe, I started to work on my style guide as well creating a mood board and finally firing up the designs.

Learnings and Next Step

The best way to build a product is by testing with actual users, that way you can unlock a whole lot of insights and win a million-dollar idea.

More features will be added in the future. Also, would be joining the go-to-market team to come up with strategies for marketing.

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